The company

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The company

Safe Preservation is the Cryopreservation (Biotechnology) division of Vecmedical. In Vecmedical we are focused on providing our clients with the most modern technology for the cryopreservation of their biological materials. Our leading product, the  SafeSpeed ® Technique, la Técnica SafeSpeed ®, is fully CE registered and composed by:

  • CLOSED SYSTEMfor the vitrification of human oocytes, embryos and blastocysts, with cooling and reheating rates even greater than in any open systems.
  • A 3-step synthetic vitrification/warming media, free from human/animal albumin, providing long 12 months storage life, compatible with both open and closed devices.

The system is completely safe, robust and extremely easy to apply.

Safe Preservation arose as a spin-off of an exhaustive research project within the Higher School of Engineering of the University of Seville, Spain, led by Dr. Ramón Risco, with the aim of applying physical and cryobiological principles to the cryopreservation of human gametes. As a result of years of research, finally, the work was awarded as the best Executive MBA EOI project 2011. However, our greatest reward was yet to come.


At the beginning of 2012, the company, Safe Preservation, was born, and our products were recently finished in a way that they were manageable, user-friendly, and added value to the processes that take place in the laboratories of clinics and hospitals. Soon Safe Preservation became known in other countries and began to associate with important clinics worldwide where its products ended up being easily installed thanks to its high level of efficiency and cost savings.

Currently, Safe Preservation is present in important clinics where it has already established itself, and continues to make its way through different countries, making its advanced products known and applying them successfully.

Our next step has been to become part of Vecmedical as the Cryopreservation (Biotechnology) division. This allows us, together with the highly professionalized team of Vecmedical, to develop more effectively and quickly all the products and devices related to cryopreservation that we are developing