Value Proposal

SafeSpeed ® is the name of a new cryopreservation technique for oocytes, embryos and blastocysts whose main characteristics are: SIMPLICITY, SPEED, SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. The good maneuverability and speed of the process, as well as the security it offers against potential contamination of the samples, allows for their very high survival rate.

Safespeed ® is a new technology that meets the optimal requirements discovered in recent oocyte vitrification studies (Mazur et al. 2011), although with evidence since (Steponkus et. al, 1990).

Various techniques have been developed in the past to overcome this difficulty by increasing heat transfer. However, in such systems, the philosophy has been to increase but not optimize the cooling/reheat ratio. The value proposition of the SafeSpeed ® Technique is based on the following advantages:

  • Elimination of the risk of cross contamination in oocytes and embryos.
  • Promising results; ~95% oocyte survival after rewarming.
  • Repeatability; sample loading and unloading just need a simple training. Contrary to open systems, you don't need to go through the complex task of removing media to get the minimum volume.
  • Media free of human or animal albumin: Elimination of safety problems and inconsistency in the manufacture of media batches.
  • Storage maximization: the maximum diameter of the SafeSpeed device is Φ2.4mm, which allows a large number of devices to be stored in the same bucket.
  • Customer-oriented: the length of the SafeSpeed device in the storage position is 135mm, therefore compatible with the vast majority of storage systems (Cryocans, visotubes, jars). In addition, it has a 25mm flat area on which you can write directly or stick a label.


Técnica SafeSpeed ®


La técnica de congelación SafeSpeed ® ha sido diseñada para la vitrificación rápida y segura de los ovocitos, embriones y blastocistos.


La técnica de recalentamiento SafeSpeed ® ha sido diseñada para una ultra rápida y ultra segura descongelación de ovocitos, embriones y blastocistos humanos vitrificados.






Asegurar resultados iguales o superiores al mejor de los sistemas abiertos existentes en el mercado es nuestro firme compromiso con vosotros. Para ello, gracias a nuestra colaboración con la clínica líder Ginemed (Sevilla), ofrecemos la posibilidad de formar a vuestros embriólogos en la Técnica Safespeed ® y que ellos comprueben la efectividad con sus propias manos. Si estás interesado, escribenos a