SafeSpeed Device


SafeSpeed Device

SafeSpeed ® device comes in kits of 10 sterilized and individually wrapped straws, with five colors available for easy identification in the clinic: yellow, pink, green, orange and blue. Each kit is a single color. It is made up of an ultra-fine capillary assembled to a straw made up of 6 parts and an outer protective layer.

SafeSpeed ® device has CE Registration of the Notified Body 0318 (Spanish Medicines Agency AEMPS) (pinche aquí).

Quality Assurance Test of each batch:

  • SAL 10-6 sterility test.
  • Tightness test. 100% of the SafeSpeed ® devices are subjected to this test.
  • Visual inspection to meet dimensional specifications.
  • Expiration time is 3 years MSDS.
  • SafeSpeed device has been designed and manufactured according to ISO 13485.2003 standard.

To load the samples inside the capillary, there are 3 aspiration systems available:

  • Mouth pipette: It is still the most widely used aspiration system in IVF laboratories. It consists of a connector, a silicone tube and 22 micron sterile standard filters.
  • Knob or Bulb – Attaches to the colored back of the SafeSpeed ® device.
  • Microaspirator or micromanipulator: allows manual introduction of samples, regulating the pressure with the thumb.

They all exist as standard on the market, but can be supplied by SafePreservation if desired.