Embryology Experts gather in Valencia to study the SafeSpeed system

VALENCIAECONÓMICA.- Unit Human Reproduction Maternal Child area of Valencia General Hospital held a meeting of experts to study new system for vitrification-devitrification of gametes and embryos called SafeSpeed​​. This system was developed by the spin off of the University of Seville SafePreservation and tested by the team Ginemed Foundation for a period of three years.

This system was already presented at the 30th Meeting of the European Society Reproduction and Embryology, held in Munich recently and given the success among professionals, the Ginemed Foundation has launched a training program for all professionals in Spain a circuit starts in Valencia General Hospital for their expertise and for being the only Spanish center with the MIRI TL technology that allows, among other things of interest, embryo culture under excellent conditions.

The beneficiaries of this program are biologists, embryologists, biotechnologists, gynecology, andrology and other professionals engaged in cryopreservation specifically to closed systems.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide attendees with theoretical knowledge in order to develop the technical skills needed to perform optimal gamete and embryo vitrification with the SafeSpeed ​​system.

SafeSpeed is a system which is composed of a polycarbonate capillary ultrafine where samples for cryopreservation straw attached to a protective cap with a sliding load. This design, hermetically sealed at both ends, has been designed with the philosophy of the ramp not only optimize cooling the overheating but which has greater impact on the survival of biological vitrification process and do samples on a support closed for it and avoid contact with liquid nitrogen which dip to freezing as explained Irene Cuevas, embryologist General of Valencia.

The program has been configured with a theoretical and practical mode also allows the discussion in the classroom, participating in laboratory with individual practices to better understand the use of the technique.

The General Hospital of Valencia and maintains not only a commitment to their patients for the purposes of promoting technological renewal but also pointed -HA Juan Gilabert, head of Maternal Children- area a bid to be training center technologies more dropouts.

Source: http://valenciaeconomica.com/?p=10880